The Coffee House

Now, if you’ve watched Deuce Bigalo male gigalo, you’ll giggle when I say ‘Cakes and Pie, Cakes and Pie!!’ Any time there is an opportunity I can get a cake I turn into Fluisa and clap my hands in excitement – today was one of those days **Claps Hands**

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Sparkles and Pincers

Just a quick post

Nails… Love ‘Em!

IMG_5433I’ve read in the past that pruuuddie nails are one of women’s big attractions to the other species (or same, what ever takes your fancy!)

I’m a big fan of keeping my claws in tip top order purely for my own admiration,  I’ve invested in the WHOLE kit, lamps, gels, stamps… you name it I have it. Continue reading

Look Again

Aberdeen’s a lovely little ‘Silver City’ that has a beautiful skyline and lots of incredible architecture and many diverse sculptures to enjoy.  We’re used to lots of Granite which can look pretty darn depressing when it’s dull but when the sun shines the Granite sparkles.. and sometimes we get a few blooming flowers!!

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