Oh Hai, Welcome to Duchessvee.com!

I’m Victoria and I began this blog to escape the tedious work emails that I have to write during the week to enjoy filling these pages with my life, capers and adventures.

It is daunting beginning a blog, however, it’s a way to encourage me to ditch the dreadful Facebook and take time to yap about my favourite restaurants, nail polish, eye liner, watches oh GOD I LOVE WATCHES!!

Only kidding I’ll keep the watch and nail varnish chat to a minimum – hopefully, I love nails, I find myself staring at mine several times during the day **lovingly admires nails**

I LOVE to travel and I enjoy having a buddy to tag along with me, I want to keep an epic diary of all my adventures away from home and with any luck, I will inspire you guys to maybe think about heading off to visit some lovely spots too!

So…pack your bag and hop on board sailor!


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