Tokyo – One ticked off the bucket list

Japans been on the cards for a few years.

Booked and forgotten about. Then one day it HAPPENED!!

I’ve always wanted to go,  you promise yourself that you’ll tick it off the bucket list and it never happens


So after a long haul flight (not for me I sleep like a friggin zombie everywhere!) We landed in Tokyo town.

Now I know this is an odd thing to share…. but the toilets are amazing and I need to give them a quick accreditation, I do not understand why us Westerners have not embraced a jazzy loo.



My screams of giggle and laughter were genuine, what a tool! We found some even played music and poofed out lovely scents.

Anyway, we arrived at noon – too excited to sleep, not even refreshed or showered we set off and raced up the biggest tower we could see. Funnily enough to right across from our hotel,  the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings! This place presented the first view….


Don’t get me wrong I like a view of nature but I much prefer an urban view so this, for me, was just immense.

It went on for miles and I could have stood for hours taking in every little detail.


Made some chums too!


Once the massive heights had got me all dizzied out and our tummies were rumbling, we headed over to Golden Gai just on the edge of Shinkuku.


Golden Gai is a teenly little slice of authentic Japan. It’s pretty much made up of six tiny alleys, literally so bijou  you wouldn’t even squeeze a car down them!

IMG_6042Each alley is crammed with little Reataurants and Bars, each buildings just  a few feet wide and they usually have a steep and narrow staircase to another establishment.


I have another post coming up so you’ll see some more of Golden Gai soon!

After a long day some serious Z’ds were needed now. I love how this city comes to life at night!



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