Rosies Thistle’s Tea Room

I knew one day it was going to happen – I sinned and broke a key bloggers rule… ‘Always remember to put your memory card in your camera’

So this post is not what I had anticipated it to be but I’ll crack on, thank goodness for the handy camera phone.

The girls and I had been planning a little Afternoon Tea for a few weeks so I was super excited for a gossip at Rosie Thistle’s Tea Room in the West End.

After running late I was in chaos and in a rush to arrive at this diminutive little spot hidden off Thistle Street.

From the outside it looks like its a teeny wee tea room that has been there for years, but once you get inside it opens up to this beautiful, stunningly decorated tartan space, the pictures do not do it justice (darn it!!)

There’s lots of secluded seating areas, big sofas and arm chairs to get comfortable and spend a few hours relaxing and gorging on all the delish delights on offer. IMG_3368[1]Alongside all the beautiful trinkets of china tea pots and cake stands there are some local artists on display, one of my much loved artists was adorning the walls – Mary Louise Butterworth!


Now down to business.

Afternoon tea here can only be summed up as deliciously indulgent.

Everything you expect is on offer sarnies, scones, cakes, a china cup brew… and of course, a towering glass of bubbly.


We had a ‘ruddy good yap and Rosie’s is well worth the trip.

After gallons of tea and far too many cakes, our bellies were full and heads slightly fuzzy, so we parted our ways and bagged out our left overs to take home for the pooch, yeah right! Midnight snacking!


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