Rye and Soda

I’m a big lover for an impromptu dinner, after a super stressful day in the office it was on the cards that someone else was going to be cooking my dinner!!

So we decided to tootle our booties along to Rye and Soda just off Belmont Street.  This place does pretty much everything.  Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and also what sounds like an amazing Sunday Lunch.

It’s fast becoming one of my favourite hangouts in The Deen.

I’ve yet to experience it, but I’ve heard that their Champagne Brunch is brilliant… but we will pencil that in for another day.


They have a deliciously mahooosive menu and it was taking a long time to make a decision, therefore some concentrating refreshments were needed.


Orders done, time to relax and enjoy some very, VERY nice vin de table.

As it was a school night we were having to cover our eyes and refrain from ordering too much from the drinks menu.  However I had a quick squint at the cocktails and will have to return to sample their creations.

Grubs up – the Veggie went for some mac and cheese (Also comes in a beef version!) IMG_3321I went for the catch of the day (Hake) in a smashin crispy beer batter, with mushy marrowfat peas and tatties. IMG_3325

Yes – it was a long day, I do look harassed with some very smudgy mascara!

I did mention it was a particularly narky day.

Not my finest shot


Anyway, there is a lot going on at Rye and Soda but this place has created such a relaxed and calm environment.  You could sit for hours and people watch all the faces mingling around in the courtyard.

I would expect in the summer this place will be buzzing when the sun gets outta bed, so make sure you get down there early for a table.


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