The House Spa

Summer is coming Girls (and Gents!) so it’s time to get buffed, bronzed and looking darn right fabulous for the sunshine!!

Me and my favourite ‘sista from anotha mister’ were lucky enough to be relaxing at The House Spa retreat.  You can rock up for a whole day and get a few treatments, however we opted for the half day option with two treatments and a bite for lunch in-between.

IMG_5611Time to flesh up and get into some cosy white robes!!IMG_5613

The Spa’s got all the essentials you need, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Steam rooms but also a lovely wee chill out lounge where you can kick back from soaking yourself like a prune and enjoy some magazines and indulge in some always necessary gossip time.

Sorry for the toe shot… **Shudders** I HATE feet


Endless tea is on offer and if you get yourself organised you can enjoy a wee flute of fizz – we decided for the dry option today, lots of steam and fizz doesn’t go down to well with me.IMG_5607 After a couple of hours relaxation we were beginning to feel our tummies rumble and right on cue – lunch had arrived! IMG_5604

An afternoon at The House is definitely a place you need to experience – if you’re struggling to choose a treatment I would recommend the salt and oil scrub, they use ESPA products and your skin feels like silk for days afterwards.


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