Take Me To Manhattan Baby

Anyone who knows me will be aware – I love a drinkie pop and I especially love putting together a wee different mix (usually because I don’t have all the right ingredients!)

Tonight’s tipple, Cosmos baby!

IMG_5578 To make two glasses of these bad boys you’ll need;

Voddy, Cranberry Jooose and I know the usual mix has Triple Sec, however, I like to use Cointreau instead.

Right – fill your shaker about 1/3 full of ice.

Quick splooosh of Vodka.

IMG_5580 Quick splooosh of Cointreau.


Like my wee measuring tools?! These were purchased to stop me doing my usual ‘house measures’ if y’all know what I’m talking about!!

IMG_5584 Shake your booty up till it hurtsIMG_5591Then pour these baby’s into some glasses that have been chilling in the freezer. If you have (yeah you guessed it I’m out) squeeze a wee wedge of lime, sit back and enjoy.


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