Food Story Cafe

Trying to snatch a super quick healthy lunch in Aberdeen can sometimes be quite a challenge, however if you’re lucky enough to be close to the West end of the City I highly recommend that you visit The Food Store Café.


This little hangout is a really is a chilled back environment (not so little these days, I’ve heard it’s recently had a renovation and is much bigger!) the food on offer is simple, organic and just all round good food!!

IMG_5599Even a piano for the brave individual who feels they can perform and tinkle the ivories in a public place, any way Bach to the food, in a minuet – Geddit!

They have a few house standards so check out the menu, but their daily’s menu is full of choice, today we went for their half salad half wraps – winner for a lunch time hungry tummy.


IMG_5594 Washed down with my some lovely latte’s and of course…IMG_5595  C.A.K.E or S.C.O.N.E to be more precise! IMG_5597 Very happy sconeface here.

There is lots on the menu here for Veggies, Veggans, Dairy Free, Gluten Free peeps, so get down and get stuck in!



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