The Coffee House

Now, if you’ve watched Deuce Bigalo male gigalo, you’ll giggle when I say ‘Cakes and Pie, Cakes and Pie!!’ Any time there is an opportunity I can get a cake I turn into Fluisa and clap my hands in excitement – today was one of those days **Claps Hands**

First things first – I wanted to show you my absolute necessity for the summer. Especially a summer in Scotland which much means you’re going to need a jacket for the four seasons you can experience in one day.


A trench coat is a friggin’ timeless wardrobe essential – you need one and you need it now! This Kelsey Trench beauty is from Ted Baker and I love it so much I can’t bear to take it off at the moment, so be prepared to see it lots soon!

I love the super cute detail on the inside lining.


Paired with a little MK Crossbody compact bag to store all the essentials (yup Carmrx and mascara mainly!)  it’s a wee match made in heaven.


Now, fashion parade over, it’s time to eat! The Coffee House is tucked away off Union Street and it is NEVER this quiet. We were there early doors so within about ten minutes it was busy again.


I like this place as it often has beautiful ( I really should have taken some snaps!)  photographs and artists work dotted along all the wall to admire and enjoy.

The coffee here is amazaballs – massive big cups bigger than my moon!





It really didn’t take long to abolish this wee morning treat.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Coffee House, it can get super busy so obviously at peak times you might struggle for a seat, so get in there early so you can snuggle up in a nice comfy window spot and watch the world go by.

Remember my earlier pictures in the sunshine and me showing off my coat!?

Good thing I wore it… the lovely Scottish weathers back again – see a genuine necessary need to invest in a good trench people!



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