Sparkles and Pincers

Just a quick post

Nails… Love ‘Em!

IMG_5433I’ve read in the past that pruuuddie nails are one of women’s big attractions to the other species (or same, what ever takes your fancy!)

I’m a big fan of keeping my claws in tip top order purely for my own admiration,  I’ve invested in the WHOLE kit, lamps, gels, stamps… you name it I have it.

I can spend hours sitting on my living room floor with all my tools sprawled everywhere whilst I lovingly apply delicate brush strokes to my pincers.  I’ve even decorated my Mama’s old sewing kit to hold all my instruments in one place.


I’m not the most craftiest beast out there, adding all the buttons did take me days, but never less it does look dainty.

Even better it opens up so that I can hide away all my tools and hide any new polishes that happen to turn up suddenly, out of the blue… somehow!

Here’s a quick low down of the essentials;


Nail soak off trays, cuticle nippers, buffers and nail cleaners. I just started dabbling with blending colours and nail stamps, so,  fingers crossed in a few weeks I’ll have some interesting advise on how to create the those amazaaaan nails we all see on Instagram – with beautiful graduated pastel colours, and little tips that look like watermelons!!

Right I’m sure everyone’s desperate to see my recent efforts – et voilà – summers here with these little cuties.


Ooohh … what’s that I hear you say, ‘What is that lovely candy I can see on your wrist’!!??

Have I mentioned I AM MAGPIE!!

I can not walk past a gem establishment without intensely looking in the window – often bumping my forehead off the glass to inspect all the sparkly riches on display.


That’s ma weekday watch, okay it’s a man’s watch but it is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and matches the little enamel and rose gold ring on my middle finger.  I picked up the ring in Barcelona and it is a daily wear now and never come off my finger. IMG_5514

You may have heard my big, big BIG love is watches. I’m always interested in the watch other people wear,  I think it tells you a lot about someone,  I wonder what this one tell you about me!??

The other bits and bobs I’ve picked up at Accessorize, like any good stylist will tell you I’m a big believer in investing is a few essentials but Accessorize is brilliant place to get a few more pieces to finish off a look, they’re also pretty darn affordable too and are always changing and updating their ranges.


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