Look Again

Aberdeen’s a lovely little ‘Silver City’ that has a beautiful skyline and lots of incredible architecture and many diverse sculptures to enjoy.  We’re used to lots of Granite which can look pretty darn depressing when it’s dull but when the sun shines the Granite sparkles.. and sometimes we get a few blooming flowers!!

So of course, I trotted out, camera in hand to see what was going on!
The Look Again Festival was encouraging us Aberdonian’s to get out and revisit Aberdeens sculpture trail.
Outside RGU at Schoolhill there’s a bronze statue of General Charles Gordon, today he was looking a bit chilly so he was kindly wrapped up in some warm cozy hand made knits. I don’t know what they were thinking, look the sun’s out! Most people in Aberdeen were getting their ‘Tap Aff!’

Next we found the colossal William Wallace across the road from HMT looking terribly fetching in his high-vis attire, you could mistake that sword for a broom and think he was away to sweep the streets.

He was my favourite, hi vis is so common to see nowadays you forget it’s purpose is to ‘be seen’ maybe we need update more of our landmarks with hi vis ensembles to remind us they are still there!

Being a wee midget and with only a standard lense with me I was beginning to get a sore neck stating up at these towering icons.

So lastly, we found Robert Burns half way up Union Terrace. Burnsey has begun following the latest trent with some Jamacian themed headphones, he was looking like he’s away to head down the park to play some footie with his mates.

 There were a few more events around the city but the lovely weather was just screaming out to grab a seat and enjoy a wee glass of wine in the sun!

Aberdeen City’s beginning to embrace lots of cultural events to encourage us to get out and engaging with such historical rich and exiting city. So whilst the Look Again event has been and gone I’m encouraging you to get out and explore!


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