Shoosh… Soosh… Sushi

When in Edinburgh we always visit Tiger Lilly  for a few flutes of fizzy. more  However, on this stopover we decided to check out the boutique hotel too!

 We were kindly upgrade to a luxury room, which was MASSIVE it felt so sassy and plush.  I particularly loved the complimentary slippers and robes!!

To get the evening started we began the evening with a few drinks in the bar.  Personally I LOVE this bar, the cocktail menu is mahooisive and their Mixologists can throw together some fantastic blends.

 I started with a classic – Aperol Sprtiz, looks like Irn Bru, tastes fantastic. I can’t remember what Mr had… however it’s a certainly ‘man cocktail’ far too much Jack Daniel in there for a lady!

We made our way over to Kanpai my terrible organisation skills meant we didn’t book a table however they managed squeeze us at the bar, which I enjoy so much more because you get to watch the Sushi Chef’s is all their glory.

This place is so intimate and they appear to take pride in their traditional Japanese cuisine.  The staff are lovely and helpful to guide you through the menu and give lots of advise.

Mr started off with Futo Maki (Japanese pickle, avocado, sweet egg, cucumber, kanpyo)

Now, you can’t go to a sushi restaurant and not sample the Miso Soup!

And this little baby is Tuna Tartare

Check that little fishy tower of flavour!  It was just delightful and super satisfying, however that didn’t stop me ordering more.

Next up – Tokyo Roll Maki (Deep fried breaded chicken fillet, avocado)

I’m much more of a ‘seafood sushi’ consumer but WOW the deep fried chicken was a welcome change and I’m going to be sampling more!

After all the calorie consumption we headed for a stroll up the Royal Mile, you can’t come to Edinburgh and at least wander up this ‘technically longer than a mile as it’s a Scottish mile which is approximately 1.3 miles’ hill, this is new news to me! nerveless always good to have a cheeky bit of knowledge.

The sun was beginning to set, therefore, all you creative happy snapper techie’s will know;


To the rest of us, Golden Hour is the magic hour shortly before of after the sunrise/sunset. You manage to get some really fantastic shadows and nice soft reds and golden colours.  I was a little late in catching the full scene in the shot above as the foreground all dark – however I’m sure you get the idea.

Time to get posing in front on the lens again.

 It’s fair to say we had a marvellous time in The ‘Burgh, the sun shone, we gorged and finally RELAXED!


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