Sunshine and Spring

It’s been a hella’ busy time recently, so we decided to hop on a train and head to the beautiful Capital city of… you don’t often read these two words together ‘Sunny Scotland’more

So like a wee dug (a small dog to you non Scots out there) I hung my head out the train window at every possibly opportunity! I don’t advise this but come on, we all know it’s so much fun, if dogs luv it so should us humans.

First stop – All Bar One on George Street.

We always seem to hit up this place when we are in Edinburgh for a wee bite to eat and refresh.

Luckily today we manage to scoop a lovely table in the sun (which I am in clear desperately need of – check those snow white arms!!)

It’s pretty much smack bang in the middle of George Street which is just a small skip from quite a few lovely bars and restaurants.  More importantly – just along from Harvey Nichols. When you’re from Aberdeen it’s always a must see since we’re always struggling for a one stop shop with so many fantastic brands under one roof.

Right back to the food – this place has some cracking nibbles and is great for a relaxing unwind after a busy day. The menu is great with lots of sharing options, I love sharing platters simply because I can never decide what to eat.

I tucked into an amazing Bread Platter, Patata Bravas and my faaaves, Szechun Coated Calamari – Seafood, eat it, love it! geddit!! My jokes are terrible.

 It took me ten minutes to tear into it all, I would have eaten that banana leaf if I could have gotten away with it.

All lovingly washed down with a wee glass of fizz – it really feel like summer is on its way now we have had a brief encounter with the sun.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around, people watching and admiring the pretty Cherry Blossom’s.

I really can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon!


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