Baby Blogger

I want to begin a journey into the blogging world, it’s a distraction I enjoy, I love to read and immerse myself in another persons thoughts and musings. more Plus we all love scrolling through some lovely picture of a happy blogger taking advantage of an afternoon in the sun sipping Pims.

So, along this blogging highway I’m planning to focus and grow my interest in a few of my favourite things – food, fashion and fotos!!

Right, an absorbing blog needs lots of dazzling pictures for you to ‘ooohhhh and ahhhhh’ over.

To make sure I get you hooked I’ll need my snaps to look sensational… my choose of sword for battle is this little baby, a Canon EOS M.

Now, not that I like to take sides, but I definitely sit in the Canon camp – Nikon’s are great and both are very, VERY similar however I simply like the red writing on my neck strap rather than yellow! 

She’s also super tiny and has all the posh bits a proper SLR camera has (Interchangeable lenses etc)

I’m beginning to slowly get my head around the technical balderdash that comes with a fancy camera, hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be blogging lots about aperture and shutter speeds.

Anyway – enough technical gibbersih, I have a small ‘Pancake’ lens on at the moment but even with the standard lens it would still fit in a reasonable handbag, bearing in mind my idea of a reasonable hand bag is the size of a small sack.

It’s great for night shots when you want to slow all the action down

There are also a few funky options to play with the distortions, I particularly love this creative filter called ‘Miniature’ it looks like you’re a giant looking into a toy world.

She’s a little beauty, I used to plod along with a Canon 450D but this mirror less little champion means the body is much more sleek and diminutive so she’s easy to swing around your shoulder all day.

It’s definitely a handy little shutter bug’s tool to take with you anytime you leave the house, especially  for a glass of wine, something I’m a bit particular too!

Right, you’re maybe wondering who is this sassy chic behind the lens… or mental woman who talks nonsense.

I’m not going to lie but I prefer to be behind the lens rather than in front of it, however that’s going to have to change eventually.

 There… Done.  Not that difficult.
I hope you have all all enjoyed my first blog, hopefully lots more to come soon and I would totally appreciate any comments or feedback.

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